Tesla Powerwall flips the bill for sports club from €600 in payments to €20 in profit

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla Powerwalls helped the DJK Weingarts Sports Club flip its electricity bill. The popular sports club went from paying €600 ($638) per month for power to generating up to €20 (~$21) every month.

Thomas Theinert is the Head of Finance at DJK Weingarts. After moving to Upper Franconia in Kunreuth, Germany, Theinert retired and started learning about photovoltaics as a hobby. His interest led one of DJK Weingarts’ Board of Directors to ask Theinert about saving money through solar. 

The Board told Theinert that the sports club was paying €600 ($638) monthly on electricity. They wanted a solution that would help DJK Weingarts reduce electricity costs. Theinert had the answer. 

“You need a PV system with battery storage, just like the one at my house,” Theinert told the Board of Directors. “After that, I calculated everything myself, negotiated prices, and in 2017, we installed a 39.5 kWp solar panel system along with three [Tesla] Powerwall units,” he said.

Since DJK Weingarts commissioned the system in 2017, the sports club would have received Tesla Powerwall 2 units. The system consisted of three 40.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall units and 39.5 kWp solar panels. 

In 2022, the system at DJK Weingarts Sports Club reached 70% self-sufficiency.

“We not only use the solar energy we generate to power the sports facilities and the football pitch’s floodlights—we also run a large restaurant, including an annex to the hall. The hall holds around 200 people, the restaurant serves 80, and an adjoining room holds another 40. This means we can cater events with over 300 guests,” said Theinert. 

Earlier this year, Tesla launched the Tesla Powerwall 3, which has an integrated inverter. It has more power and is easier to install.

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Tesla Powerwall flips the bill for sports club from €600 in payments to €20 in profit
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