Tesla V4 Supercharger installations start in Italy

(Credit: Esther Kokkelman)

Tesla V4 Supercharger installations started in Italy. The latest Tesla V4 Superchargers recently opened to the public in the southeast of Rome. They are the first V4 Superchargers in the country. The Supercharger station offers both V3 and V4 Supercharger stalls. 

Italy is the latest country in Europe to receive Tesla’s V4 Supercharger stalls. The first country in Europe to launch Tesla V4 Superchargers was the Netherlands in Harderwijk. Last month, Tesla installed V4 Superchargers in the United Kingdom (UK), the first with contactless payment. 

In the past, Superchargers have communicated directly with Tesla vehicles for payment. In the UK, Supercharger customers can scan a QR code directing them to the Tesla app. Customers in the UK may also tap their card on the payment reader to pay for their charging session. 

Earlier this year, Tesla confirmed that V4 Superchargers have a charging speed of 350 kilowatts. Supercharger customers in the Netherlands told Teslarati that V4 charging stalls had a 31% amperage increase to 615A. They also observed that the V4 Supercharger’s cable was significantly longer than the Tesla’s previous charger stalls. 

This was a busy week for Tesla Italy. The Tesla Model 3 Highland arrived in Italy’s showrooms a few days before the V4 Superchargers were opened to the public. Deliveries for the refresh Model 3 are expected to start next month. Tesla reportedly changed 50% of the Model 3’s parts under Project Highland, making the refresh unit an exciting treat for old and new owners to explore. 

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Tesla V4 Supercharger installations start in Italy
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