Tesla Powerwall & Solar helps 116-year-old bakery survive

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla recently shared some information about one of its Solar & Powerwall studies and how it helped a 116-year-old bakery in Germany survive. 

Tesla Energy posted a short video on X about Bakery Lüttel in Lingen, Germany. The post talked about the bakery’s journey with Tesla Solar & Powerwall. Peter Lüttel inherited the bakery from his family. When the case study started, the Germany-based bakery Lüttel was 116 years old. 

“A few years ago, Bakery Lüttel was at risk of closing,” noted Tesla Energy’s video. “Energy costs had become too high. To reduce costs, [Bakery Lüttel] installed combined heat-and-power plants, solar panels, and [Tesla] Powerwall.” 

Bakery Lüttel’s Tesla Powerwall & solar panel journey became a case study for the Elon Musk-led company. The bakery consumed around 180,000 kWh in 2000 before installing the Tesla Powerwall and solar panels. Based on the case study, Lüttel wanted to find a solution to the bakery’s ever-increasing power needs. 

Lüttel started by installing a combined heat and power CHP unit system. The system produced heat, and its waste product was electricity. The power CHP unit system became a localized heating network connecting all the appliances using heat or that needed water in the bakery. 

In 2013, Lüttel installed a 58 kWp solar panel and Powerwall system and later transitioned from gas to electric ovens. Lüttel’s new power system reduced the bakery’s electricity bill and gas consumption by 50%. As of this writing, Bakery Lüttel has three Tesla Powerwall units (40.5 kWh). It can charge each Powerwall once daily via solar panels and CHP units.

Bakery Lüttel also shares electricity with its customers by offering Wall Connectors to charge electric vehicles. By the end of the case study, Lüttel planned to install more Tesla Powerwall units at the bakery. 

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Tesla Powerwall & Solar helps 116-year-old bakery survive
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