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Tesla launches $500 incentive for Powerwall battery orders

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has launched a new incentive for its popular home battery solution, the Powerwall. As per Tesla’s official website, customers who install and register their Powerwall batteries from this month until the end of October are eligible to receive a $500 rebate for each Powerwall that they operate. 

The Powerwall is Tesla’s residential battery storage unit. With an energy capacity of 13.5 kWh, the Powerwall is able to provide homes with an uninterrupted power supply, even in the event of power outages. Powerwall batteries have proven themselves over the years, with some battery units surviving floods and hurricanes without any apparent issues. 

According to Tesla, customers could be eligible for the rebate if they install and register their Powerwall between June 15, 2023, and October 31, 2023. It should also be noted that the rebate applies to Powerwall customers regardless of how many batteries they have installed in their homes. 

Customers who opt in for more Powerwalls in their homes stand to get a larger incentive, however, as the promotion provides a $500 rebate for each residential battery that is installed. That’s quite an incentive, especially among those who are willing to participate in Tesla’s growing virtual power plant initiatives. 

Tesla provided quick instructions for Powerwall customers who wish to acquire the $500 incentive. “After your Powerwalls have been installed, connected to the internet and registered, you will be notified from the Tesla app to submit your rebate request. Once confirmed, Tesla will send you a check of $500 for each Powerwall,” Tesla wrote. 

While Tesla’s $500 Powerwall rebate is definitely compelling, customers should take note that the incentive has some eligibility requirements. For one, the Powerwall batteries must be installed between June 15, 2023, and October 31, 2023. They also have to be ordered from Tesla or Tesla Certified Installers. The system must be connected and registered, and a rebate request must be submitted through the Tesla mobile app as well. 

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Tesla launches $500 incentive for Powerwall battery orders
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