Tesla dominated Q2 U.S. Automotive Exports, data says

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Data is showing that Tesla held a considerable share of the U.S. Automotive Exports during the second quarter of 2020, with 35.4 percent of the total car exports during the three-month span coming from the electric automaker.

Kevin Rooke of Zap EVs indicated that the United States automotive market exported 68,900 vehicles.

Meanwhile, Tesla built 36,800 of its 90,891 sold cars at the Fremont facility in Northern California. 29,684 vehicles were produced at the Shanghai production plant.

This leaves 24,407 cars that were produced in the U.S. to be available for export. Giga Shanghai did not export vehicles in Q2. However, Tesla plans to send some Giga Shanghai-produced Model 3s to Europe in the future.

Tesla’s 24,407 exported vehicles make up 35.4 percent of the 68,900 exports that the U.S. had during the second quarter.

Tesla has experienced the same tumultuous 2020 as any other company in the world, but the way it responded to the adversity is more than admirable. Despite having its American production facility shut down during the first month of Q2 2020, Tesla managed to deliver 90,891 vehicles.

Even more impressive is the fact that Tesla is beginning to change the United States’ massive automotive trade deficit, which has been primarily consisting of imports for many years. Rooke points out that the influx of Tesla’s exports is starting to shift how U.S. consumers buy and sell cars.

Tesla Giga Shanghai (Credit: Jason Yang/YouTube)

Other countries, like German and Japan, who have several large-scale automotive manufacturers, are heavy on exports, which contributes to a strong economy. German brands like Volkswagen, and Japanese brands like Honda, have been popular with U.S drivers for an extended period.

However, now that EVs are becoming more popular in the automotive market, and Tesla, an American company, is leading the charge, exports are becoming a larger part of the U.S. market.

Now that Tesla has one international plant constructed in China, and another under construction in Berlin, Germany, exports may slow down slightly for the electric automaker. However, there are still plenty of regions where Tesla does not have a manufacturing plant, and Fremont will be responsible for shipping cars across the water into other territories.

For example, while the Model S and Model X are not Tesla’s top sellers, they are still requested by international buyers. Fremont will continue to be the only plant that will manufacture these cars for the foreseeable future, so exports will continue to be a factor for Tesla even though its international presence continues to ramp up.

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Tesla dominated Q2 U.S. Automotive Exports, data says
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