Tesla range adjustments trigger several changes to vehicles

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Last week, Tesla made several adjustments to the range ratings of a few of the vehicles in its lineup, and now we are beginning to see some of the changes that are being made from a feature standpoint, as well as software.

We covered the changes, which affected the Model Y’s Long Range and Performance configurations, as well as the Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid, the two fastest cars in the Tesla lineup.

The adjustments in the range were caused by new EPA testing strategies that were set to change with 2024 model-year vehicles. The changes are expected to affect all EVs and not just Teslas.

Tesla range adjustments hit most of vehicle lineup following EPA changes

However, Tesla is making changes to several things, including removing some features and lining up other modifications, according to source code found by a Tesla hacker.

The first major change is the removal of Creep and Roll stopping modes, which appears to leave only Hold Mode. These will be removed from the Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla said in an internal document seen by Drive Tesla.

Tesla said it is making the changes to “help display a more accurate, efficient range estimate,” and it took effect on January 1.

Additionally, Tesla is adding an efficiency package with an upcoming hardware update the same vehicles that had changed EPA range ratings last week, will receive an “efficiency package” change, according to hacker @greentheonly (via Electrek):

The changes are evidently related to helping the cars have more accurate range ratings and more efficiency. However, the changes that are being made in the Software Update found by green are not known currently.

The range of an EV has been a hotly contested and polarizing issue for EV owners: How much is enough? It truly depends on a person’s needs and varies as every owner has a different answer.

Tesla is doing what it can to offer accuracy with range ratings so owners have the best idea of what to expect on their upcoming drives.

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Tesla range adjustments trigger several changes to vehicles
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