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Tesla referral program returns to Europe with massive end of quarter bonus

Credit: Tesla Inc.

Tesla has announced its referral program is now available again in Europe, following reintroductions in the United States and Australia.

Tesla’s referral program is one of the most unique offerings in the automotive industry, and it is likely one of the numerous factors that initially gained Tesla cult status in the United States. Following a brief hiatus, the program has been making a return, and now the American car brand has made the program available again in Europe.

Tesla announced the program on its European Twitter account this morning, and the company is offering some enticing rewards for referring buyers to the company in one of the most competitive EV markets in the world.

According to Tesla’s website, European customers earn 100 credits when referred by a current Tesla owner, while the referrer earns 2,000 credits. But if you take delivery before the end of the quarter or buy from the automaker’s inventory, the buyer receives an additional bonus of 5,000 free Supercharging kilometers, while the referrer earns 10,000 credits.

Currently, the Tesla loot box, where the credits can be used to purchase things, is relatively barren, with only a few items available, primarily supercharging miles. However, this was not always the case. In the first iteration of the referral program, Tesla owners could save up to drive the Boring Company boring machine or drag race in a Roadster. Though, many are hopeful that these fun rewards will make a comeback in the near future.

Thus far, other automakers have been unable to establish systems with the same attraction to them. Still, if Tesla continues to find success with its program, there is no doubt it could spread to other automakers.

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Tesla referral program returns to Europe with massive end of quarter bonus
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