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Tesla teases “more amazing adventures” to be unlocked in Referral Program secret levels

Source: Teslarati

A small group of Tesla’s top referral program referrers gathered for a separate presentation at the Model 3 delivery event where representatives told them future prizes could include “more amazing adventures.”

The group was thanked by Tesla’s Director of Growth Programs Praveen Arichandran who said the group had referred more than 7,000 individuals to purchase a Tesla. They also nodded toward special, secret prizes that were soon to be unlocked for top referrers.

The prizes would be “amazing adventures, the kind of adventures — you couldn’t pay for these kind of adventures.” said the Tesla rep.

The two representatives also quipped in their presentation that the referrers should get used to being together because they would be spending a lot of time together in the near future. “Over the coming year, you’re going to get to spend some serious time together.”

Another coy play from Tesla that is driving hardcore fans (and referrers) mad.  

While the company teased wondrous incentives, it also thanked the group profusely, saying that the advent of the CEO Elon Musk’s Master Plan was upon them and that through their referrals 2 million gallons of gasoline had been saved.

“We consider all of you a member of our team, we’re excited you’re here tonight,” it said.

Recent updates in the Tesla app revealed that some of these top performers could qualify for a Founder’s Series Next Gen Roadster at a discounted rate or even free of charge.

A few weeks ago, popular Tesla YouTube outlet Like Tesla shared screenshots of its Tesla app and the new secret levels that could be accessed with more referrals.

By Teslarati’s estimates, a fan would have to refer 50 or more customers to qualify for the next generation roadster — a goal that would also net Tesla $4 million.

The next generation roadster has been raved about, and people are hoping it can reach 0-60 in two seconds.

The separate reception at the delivery event and the secret prizes can be seen as another way Tesla is trying to motivate its customers to enact Musk’s Master Plan and help the planet. The environment will surely be thankful, as will Tesla’s bottom line.

We’ve embedded a video of Tesla’s speech courtesy of our friends at Like Tesla.

Tesla teases “more amazing adventures” to be unlocked in Referral Program secret levels
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