Tesla Roadster SpaceX Package’s 1.1-second 0-60 mph launch visualized in concept video

Tesla Roadster SpaceX Edition Animation (Credit: Instagram | @pslavi_3d_vfx)

A new animation of the Tesla Roadster equipped with SpaceX cold-gas thrusters showcases just how crazy and intense the all-electric supercar’s 1.1-second 0-60 launch could be. Based on the short clip, seeing a next-gen Roadster launching would definitely be a sight to see.

Teslarati reported last week that YouTube channel Engineering Explained had discussed how the next-gen Tesla Roadster was capable of a 1.1-second 0-60 mph time through its use of cold-gas SpaceX thrusters. With this, the Roadster, a redesign of Tesla’s first-ever vehicle, will become the fastest production car in the world. Without the thrusters, the next-gen Roadster is still capable of a 1.9-second 0-60 mph that would rank it among the quickest cars in the world.

The animation is courtesy of @Pslavi, a noted designer of Tesla-influenced renders that show future models of the company’s vehicles in a variety of settings. In the past, Slavi has shown the Roadster going toe-to-toe with its relative, the Tesla Cybertruck. Slavi, known as @pslavi_3d_vfx on Instagram, has also depicted the massive electric pickup on Mars donning SpaceX decals on its side.

The cold gas thrusters are a part of an optional Roadster “SpaceX Package” that Elon Musk mentioned in early 2019. Musk stated that the installation of cold-gas thrusters underneath the car would enable it to hover. Musk also noted that the thrusters would be placed behind the license plate of the Roadster, allowing the vehicle to combine the instant torque of its electric powertrain with pressurized gas. The two systems working together could ultimately culminate in the Roadster becoming the fastest vehicle in the world, and not by a short margin.

According to Autocar, the fastest cars in terms of 0-60 mph time currently are the Ultima Evolution Coupé and the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Both are capable of reaching 60 mph from a standstill in just 2.3 seconds.

The base model Roadster, coming it at 1.9 seconds, would still be four-tenths of a second quicker. However, it appears Elon Musk wasn’t completely satisfied with a margin of victory that was less than half of a second.

Tesla has already established itself as the leader in electric passenger transportation. Its cars are also notorious for taking down some of the biggest names on the drag strip. Still, the Roadster, when it begins production, will undoubtedly become one of the most dominant cars to ever exist in quarter-mile races. It seems Musk is adamant about having the Roadster become a vehicle that is known as the fastest in the world, and his idea is to make it unfair for competitors.

“We’re going to do things with the new Roadster that are kind of unfair to other cars. (It’s) crushingly good relative to the next best gasoline sports car,” Musk once said.

If you’re interested in seeing how the Roadster can achieve a 1.1-second 0-60 mph time, the video from Engineering Explained is below.

Tesla Roadster SpaceX Package’s 1.1-second 0-60 mph launch visualized in concept video
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