Tesla Giga Berlin to undergo upgrades from July 11 to 22: report

Credit: Tesla

Reports from Germany have indicated that Tesla will be halting Gigafactory Berlin’s vehicle production for two weeks in July to make way for factory upgrades. The improvements to Giga Berlin are expected to boost the manufacturing plant’s output, allowing Tesla to close in on its target production of 500,000 vehicles per year for its Germany-based factory. 

Gigafactory Berlin’s upgrades this month comes at around the same time as Gigafactory Shanghai, which is also undergoing upgrades to both its Model Y and Model 3 lines this July. Unlike Giga Shanghai, which produces two vehicles, Giga Berlin is so far only focused on the Model Y. Thus, its halt would result in the facility likely pausing its entire vehicle production activities while the upgrades are being done. 

As per rbb24, the upgrades to Gigafactory Berlin’s vehicle production lines would begin on July 11 and last until July 22. During this time, production processes in the facility would reportedly be adjusted. Citing its own sources, the German publication noted that the production line upgrades and Giga Berlin’s subsequent shutdown had been planned for a long time. 

Interestingly enough, reports about Giga Berlin’s shutdown this month became quite confusing at first. Following initial reports of the planned upgrades from, German tabloid Bild promptly published the story with a rather sensational headline. This caused some confusion among the electric vehicle community as to the shutdown’s duration and its effects on the output of the Germany-based factory. 

While the upgrades to Giga Berlin seem poised to be rolled out without any issues, the facility itself is still dealing with opposition from local entities. Among these is the Strausberg-Erkner water association, which has announced that it will be launching an appeal to the Higher Administrative Court about its grievances against Giga Berlin’s further construction. 

According to the group, Tesla originally planned to drill around 1,200 foundations into the sandy soil in the area, but the electric vehicle maker now intends to replace part of them with 210 piles. The association argued that the piles would affect the groundwater in the area. Last week, however, the administrative court in Frankfurt (Oder) rejected the water association’s requests. Based on hydrological studies, the court stated that groundwater was endangered only in the range of “several millimeters or a few centimeters.”

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Tesla Giga Berlin to undergo upgrades from July 11 to 22: report
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