The Tesla Semi is about to electrify Canada’s logging sector

The Tesla Semi. (Credit: CHP – Donner Pass/Facebook)

The Tesla Semi is about to electrify Canada’s logging industry, with Vancouver Island-based Mosaic Forest Management announcing that it had placed an order for three Tesla Semis. The company plans to use the all-electric Class 8 trucks for its logging activities. 

The Tesla Semis would be used as part of a pilot program to see how all-electric trucks could perform in the log hauling sector. In a statement to ChekNews, Domenico Ianndinardo, Mosaic’s vice-president and chief forester, noted that the Tesla Semi pilot program would be a first for the logging industry. 

“To our knowledge, there’s no one in the world hauling logs with fully electric trucks in the mountainous terrain that we have here, so this would be a global first for fully electrified full log haul trucks,” he said. If the pilot program proves successful, Mosaic would electrify its fleet of 300 logging trucks as part of its efforts to become carbon neutral by 2035

Ianndinardo noted that electric trucks like the Tesla Semi are actually a good fit for the logging industry, especially in Vancouver Island, where much of the timber is located in higher elevations. This means that a significant part of the energy consumed by the trucks when they go up to the mountains could be replenished as they travel back, thanks to features like regenerative braking

“As they come down the hill loaded, they’re able to regenerate energy and put that back into their batteries so in this cycle going up the hill empty and coming down the hill loaded they can generate their own battery supply on a daily basis,” the Mosaic Forest Management executive said. 

It’s not just Mosaic that has placed an order for the Tesla Semi. Another Vancouver Island company, Quality Foods, has also reserved the all-electric Class 8 true. According to the grocery chain, the Tesla Semi’s range of 500 miles would make it perfect for round trips to Quality Foods stores without the need for charging. 

Interestingly enough, another Vancouver Island company, EcoWest Driven, is taking on the responsibility of building commercial truck charging stations in the area. The company is expected to start the buildout of 45 commercial truck charging stations later this fall. This was confirmed by Jarvis Shaver, Director and Co-Founder of EcoWest Driven. 

“We have begun the process of creating charging infrastructure and a new electric vehicle maintenance facility in Parksville, BC to accommodate this new demand for emission-free heavy haulers,” he said. 

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The Tesla Semi is about to electrify Canada’s logging sector
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