Tesla Semi to make 15-vehicle debut with PepsiCo. later this year

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Tesla is set to deliver 15 all-electric Semis to PepsiCo by the end of 2021, according to reports.

Earlier today, PepsiCo released a press release titled, “Frito-Lay Cuts Absolute Fleet Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) in Half, Reduces Diesel Usage by 78 Percent at California Production Site,” entailing the steps it has taken to cut GHG emissions by 53%.

One way the company has done this so far is by replacing the equipment and infrastructure at the plant, located in Modesto, California. PepsiCo. has utilized “nearly 60 tractors, box trucks, yard trucks or forklifts powered by electric, lithium-ion technologies or natural gas with renewable attributes,” it said. Additionally, it revealed that “the remaining 15 electric tractors expected to deploy later this year.”

Following the published press release, Electrek reported that PepsiCo confirmed the 15 electric tractors would, in fact, be the Tesla Semi, the long-awaited all-electric commercial vehicle from the world’s leading electric automaker. Interestingly, the news comes right after a Piper Sandler investors note that was released earlier this week that detailed the possibility of a stock sell-off in the instance that Tesla would delay deliveries of the Semi or Cybertruck.

Tesla Semi is leading the charge toward the phase-out of diesel trucks

The Semi has been delayed on several occasions; Tesla has cited battery constraint issues as the main factory for the delays. However, the company has been accelerating its efforts to release the Semi. This year, the Semi has been spotted several times on public roads for testing, and Tesla has also been running the vehicle on its Fremont Factory test track.

Last year, Tesla planned to begin a “volume production” push of the Semi, but battery constraints seemed to delay the project. Tesla has been dealing with increased demand for its vehicles over the past few years. It has introduced two mass-market vehicles to the passenger market, the Model 3 sedan in 2017 and the Model Y crossover in 2020. These two vehicles have been Tesla’s best-sellers over the past several years, and the focus remains primarily on supplying them with the available cells to expand the company’s footprint in the growing EV market.

Teslarati reached out to PepsiCo to confirm, but they did not respond. In the press release, Pepsi did list several companies who have contributed to the Zero-Emissions, and Near Zero-Emissions projects: ANG; BYD Motors LLC; Café Coop; CALSTART; University of California, Riverside CE-CERT; ChargePoint; Crown; Meritor; Peterbilt; Project Clean Air; SJVAPCD; Tesla and Volvo Trucks.

Tesla Semi to make 15-vehicle debut with PepsiCo. later this year
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