Tesla Semi spotted delivering Model 3 fleet in Q2 push

Credit: Twitter | @emanuelreyes

Tesla is using its Semi to increase delivery numbers before the end of 2020’s second quarter on Tuesday. The commercial vehicle was loaded with Model 3 sedans outside of the Fremont production plant on Friday afternoon.

The Semi was spotted in Tesla’s South Logistics Lot outside of the Fremont Facility loaded with the company’s mass-market sedan, the Model 3. The Semi has seemingly joined the company’s efforts to reduce vehicle delivery times and increase delivery figures to offset a halt in production at Fremont during the beginning of the quarter.

@Emanuelreyes shared images of the Semi being loaded up with Tesla Model 3s that will be transported to showrooms for customers to pick up via contactless delivery.

Tesla has been dealing with some bottlenecks in its delivery process recently due to increased demand. CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to apologize to customers who recently experienced shifting delivery dates, and thanked Tesla’s logistics partners for “figuratively & literally going the extra mile.”

Tesla stated during the Q1 2020 Earnings Call that the Semi was set to begin deliveries in 2021. The automaker contacted reservation holders for the commercial vehicle in January, indicating that the Semi would be ready for a production push in the second half of the year.

Earlier this month, Musk indicated that Tesla would begin a “volume production” push of the Semi ahead of schedule in an email to company employees.

“It’s time to go all out and bring the Tesla Semi to volume production,” Musk said. “It’s been in limited production so far, which has allowed us to improve many aspects of the design.” The announcement surged TSLA stock past $1,000 per share for the first time in the company’s history.

Now, the vehicle has joined the company’s delivery force as Tesla attempts to continue its momentum and turn a profit for the fourth straight quarter.

Ever since Tesla reopened the Fremont facility on May 10, the company has been dialing in on ramping up the Model Y and attempting to recover lost delivery and production efforts. Tesla decided to close its production lines at Fremont in late March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After Alameda County Health Officials denied numerous efforts by the company to reopen, Tesla decided to reopen without regulatory permission from the local government.

Tesla received approval to reopen the following week after its 38-page “Return to Work Playbook” outlined a plan to work in the facility while operating effectively to reach the company’s production goals.

Tesla has been testing the capabilities of the Semi for close to a year. In January, an email sent by the company to the vehicle’s reservation holders indicated that the Semi was being tested in real-world conditions in Alaska, which evaluated the truck’s resilience when traveling in harsh environments.

The use of the truck to complete deliveries will give Tesla valuable information on the Semi’s performance when hauling vehicles. The Semi will be used by Tesla to transport its sustainable cars to customers across the United States. However, the use of the truck to deliver cars also helps the company’s efforts as Tesla prepares to release its Q2 delivery numbers next week.

Tesla Semi spotted delivering Model 3 fleet in Q2 push
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