Tesla is building out a team of Semi service technicians in the US and Canada

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Tesla appears to be working to ensure that its Class 8 Semis are well supported once they are deployed to customers. This is hinted at by multiple job listings on the company’s Careers page for “Semi Service Technicians,” who would become specialists on the upcoming vehicle. 

So far, Tesla’s job openings for Semi Service Technicians are listed for Fremont, CA, Stockton, CA, Fresno, CA, Rocklin, CA, Reno, NV, and Mississauga, Ontario. Based on the job listings, Tesla is looking to hire experienced service technicians for the Semi program, and those selected for the job would be working alongside the company’s Engineering and Development teams to provide direct product feedback. 

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s Semi Service Technicians will have several responsibilities, such as supporting the Tesla Semi fleet moving cargo between the company’s factories. The Semi Service Technicians would also be required to travel to “customers and work alongside with their technicians in their workshops.” They would also be working to create and maintain repair instructions that could be used by anyone servicing a Tesla Semi. 

What is rather interesting is that Tesla’s Semi Service Technician listing for Mississauga, Ontario also includes references to “building beta-level Tesla Semi vehicles.” This is quite unexpected considering that the company has no vehicle production facilities in Canada as of yet. However, Walmart Canada, which has several Semi orders, is based in Mississauga, Ontario. 

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Semi’s deliveries have been late, though Elon Musk has explained that this is due to its ongoing challenges in securing enough batteries for the Class 8 truck’s rollout. That being said, previous reports from the electric vehicle community have suggested that Tesla is planning on building Semi release candidates as early as around May 2021, with actual pilot production starting sometime in the second quarter. 

Musk, for his part, has noted that scaling the Tesla Semi would be less notable in the coming year. With this in mind, it appears that the coming year would be eventful for the Tesla Semi program. 

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Tesla is building out a team of Semi service technicians in the US and Canada
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