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Tesla reasserts commitment to service with fleet of 350 new ranger vans

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A Tesla service video released Tuesday announced that the company will roll out a fleet of 350 additional service vans by the end of the year, bringing the number up from the roughly 30 it has now.

The goal is to be able to offer repairs whether a customer is at home, work or on the side of the road.

The EV titan will also add 100 new Tesla Service Centers and 1,400 new service technicians, the addition of 100 facilities will bring the total number up to just over 250 service centers worldwide.

Tesla customers have been concerned about long wait times for service — an issue that is documented on Tesla forum posts.

The company is looking to eliminate those wait times as it enters the mass market space with its Model 3 sedan, the company’s first stab at an affordable vehicle. The addition of these services will not just benefit new Model 3 customers, but the wide bank of existing Model S and Model X owners as well.

Some users on the forum point out that the issue is more with waiting for parts rather than a lack of availability of service centers, but Tesla does have an edge on that situation too, with its ability to diagnose issues remotely. Since Tesla has advanced its connected car model, the automaker says 90% of vehicular issues can be diagnosed before the car even reaches the service center.

Tesla previously launched the Mobile Tire Service pilot program in San Francisco to assist stranded Model S and Model X owners with on-the-spot wheel and tire repair since Teslas do not come with a traditional spare tire.

These new vans are just the latest move Tesla has made to increase its mobile repair service. The company announced in February that it was adding a range of service capability which included sending technicians to an owner’s home or office for minor repairs.

Now with the new 350 vans, Tesla is ensuring that it can give its customers the best value. Check out the full Tesla service video below:

Tesla reasserts commitment to service with fleet of 350 new ranger vans
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