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Tesla ships new feature that eliminates the worst part of cabin heat

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has shipped a new feature in its most recent software update that eliminates the worst part of cabin heat: the cold air that comes out before the vehicle has sufficiently warmed up.

Tesla vehicles consistently improve through software updates, and they can feature things such as updates to vehicle performance, bug fixes, or in this case, convenience options.

These updates roll out regularly, giving Tesla owners a unique advantage over some other automotive manufacturers by offering improvements that can be downloaded like a phone update.

In Tesla’s 2023.6.9 software update, there are several improvements to past features like Apple Music, and undocumented changes like the appearance of a tire pressure card.

Tesla is also releasing a feature called “Climate System Warming Up,” which will make sure the air is heated to the desired temperature before the fan activates and releases it from the vents (via Not A Tesla App):

“Your vehicle will now display ‘Warming Up’ above the cabin temperature when the vehicle is waiting for the air in the HVAC system to warm up before turning on the fan.”

This is a convenience feature that will save drivers the discomfort of having cold air blow out of the vents when the cabin is already cold. Instead of guessing when the vehicle is finally warm enough to blow out warmer air, your Tesla will now allow you to select the temperature, and the air will not blow out of the HVAC system until it has reached this temperature.

Tesla has made various improvements to in-car features over the years to improve the comfort of the driver while the vehicle is in operation. Along with this feature, drivers with newer vehicles also have access to heated steering wheels and cabin preconditioning, which allows owners to heat up the vehicle at a specific temperature with the mobile app.

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Tesla ships new feature that eliminates the worst part of cabin heat
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