Tesla doubles down on Solar options after record deployment

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla has rolled out new solar panel options by providing four new sizes and new pricing points.

Tesla has made several modifications to its solar panel program in 2020, with the most recent appearing in mid-June. The sustainable energy company rolled out a new program over the summer that included new, higher-powered solar panel systems at more affordable pricing.

Now, Tesla has made further revisions to the program, adding four new sizing options that are more versatile and allow for a more customized fit to any sized home.

Credit: Tesla

In June, Tesla offered four new sizes for its solar systems that had more efficiency and lower pricing.

  • Small – 4.08 kW – $10,000, $7,400 after incentives
    • Produces 11-15 kWh daily
  • Medium – 8.16 kW – $16,000, $11,840 after incentives
    • Produces 23-29 kWh daily
  • Large – 12.24 kW – $23,500, $17,390 after incentives
    • Produces 33.44 kWh daily
  • X-Large – 16.32 kW – $30,000, $22,200 after incentives
    • Produces 45-58 kWh daily

Tesla has added four new systems that are not labeled with typical “sizing” descriptions. Now, they are labeled with their power capacity in kW. The pricing options listed below apply to California customers and vary in other states. New sizes are indicated with bold lettering.

  • 4.08 kW – $8,200, $6,396 after incentives
    • Produces 16-21 kWh daily
  • 6.12 kW – $12,300, $9,594 after incentives
    • Produces 23-31 kWh daily
  • 8.16 kW – $16,400, $12,792 after incentives
    • Produces 31-42 kWh daily
  • 10.2 kW – $20,500, $15,990 after incentives
    • Produces 39-52 kWh daily
  • 12.24 kW – $24,600, $19,188 after incentives
    • Produces 27-63 kWh daily
  • 14.28 kW – $28,800, $22,386 after incentives
    • Produces 55-73 kWh daily
  • 16.32 kW – $32,800, $25,584 after incentives
    • Produces 63-84 kWh daily
  • 18.36 kW – $36,900, $28,782 after incentives
    • Produces 70-94 kWh daily

The new, more well-rounded options provide a fit that will cater to more households. The previous options were sufficient enough, but as Tesla’s solar deployment continues to grow, the company may have needed to adapt by providing more sizing options moving forward.

Tesla’s Q3 Earnings Update letter detailed the company’s skyrocketing demand for solar panels. Energy storage deployments reach a record 759 MWh in Q3, and Powerwall demand is continuing to grow. With Solar Panels, Tesla cited that its low-cost systems are “starting to have an impact.” Total solar deployments continued to grow and more than doubled in Q3 thanks to Tesla’s Solar Roof and Solar Panels.

The main reason for Tesla’s continuing demand growth in its solar energy deployments comes down to pricing. Tesla Solar is 30% less expensive than the U.S. average, thanks to its focus on reducing soft costs. This included eliminating wages for sales representatives and allowing customers to buy their own solar packages online. Additionally, soft costs, which are non-component costs of the system, can attribute to higher pricing when systems are being ordered. Instead of having permits, inspections, and salespeople to pay, Tesla did away with these and slashed costs significantly.

Now that more sizing options are available, customers can get a solar panel outfitting from Tesla that is catered to the size of their home instead of buying a system that is more than big enough. This will reduce the possibility of a homeowner having to buy a system that is too big for their home and will save the customer money.

Of course, Tesla Solar can also be loaned for as little as $47 a month, and customers can also use the Subscription option, which runs as low as $65 a month.

Tesla doubles down on Solar options after record deployment
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