Tesla Solar Roof 12kW installation completed in one day

(Credit: Weddle and Sons Roofing/Twitter)

Weddle and Sons Roofing recently managed to complete a 12kW Tesla Solar Roof installation in a single day. The same roofing company installed a 15kW Tesla Solar Roof system in just four days late last year.

Based on its recent installation, Weddle and Sons Roofing has shown tremendous improvement in three months. The roofing company stated that the installers started and ended the project with headlamps, hinting that the team woke up early and finished the project late to hit the one-day mark.

Weddle and Sons is one of the first roofing companies to announce a one-day installation for Tesla’s solar shingles. During Tesla’s third-quarter earnings call, the EV manufacturer’s Global Head of Commercial Energy RJ Johnson talked about one-day Solar Roof installations.

“Solar Roof is especially exciting as we’ve gained significant experience over the last year in the installation process, which is a key enabler to scale the business. We’ve recently demonstrated our ability to complete Solar Roof installation in just one day,” Johnson said.

He noted that the one-day timeline did not include the removal of a house’s existing roof and preparation for the Solar Roof installation. Johnson added that weather, complexity, the size of the installation, and other factors could also increase the timeline.

In the case of Weddle and Sons’ one-day installation, the tear-off of the existing roof took place a week before the installation because local jurisdiction required a mid-roof inspection, and they did some decking repairs.

Weddle and Sons Roofing is just one of the many professional third-party installers Tesla is working with on Solar Roof installations. The timeline for Solar Roof installations may depend on the company homeowners choose to work with on the project. Weddle and Sons appears determined to meet Tesla’s timeline for Solar Roof installations, and other roofing companies working with Tesla may show the same determination as well.

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Tesla Solar Roof 12kW installation completed in one day
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