Tesla and SpaceX engineers' ventilator work receives Medtronic CEO's recognition

(Credit: NYC Health+System/Twitter)

Tesla and SpaceX engineers recently received some well-deserved recognition recently, after the CEO of ventilator-maker Medtronic remarked that the two companies are “getting it done” when it comes to securing supplies and scaling the production of the valuable breathing machines for those in need. The update comes amidst announcements from New York revealing that Tesla has started delivering invasive ventilators to hospitals in the state.

Since committing to help in the ongoing efforts to address the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Elon Musk and his teams at SpaceX and Tesla have been putting in the effort to support the country’s medical infrastructure. Following a request from state officials, for example, Musk remarked that Gigafactory New York would be used for the production of medical equipment.

Initial donations from Tesla and Elon Musk involved supplies such N95 masks and protective equipment, both of which are valuable for doctors and nurses who are working in the front lines. Meanwhile, Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak confirmed that his company was cooperating with the Elon Musk-led companies. This was highlighted in a recent announcement from Medtronic’s official Twitter account, which stated that its collaboration with Tesla and SpaceX is “bearing fruit.”

During an interview with Jim Cramer of Mad Money, Michael Farrell , the CEO of ResMed, another ventilator-maker, remarked that companies like Tesla could provide a lot of help in the ongoing health crisis by producing valuable parts for ventilators, especially those that are classified as invasive machines, which are used for the most severe of COVID-19 cases. In his interview, Farrell noted that ResMed could use Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries.

In Medtronic’s case, it appears that SpaceX will be a key partner to address the ventilator-maker’s needs. In his recent tweet, Ishrak noted that SpaceX would be supplying a valve that will be crucial to scaling ventilator production. This should provide a lot of help to the ongoing fight against the coronavirus, considering that medical professionals across the country have stated that there is a serious shortage of ventilators today.

What is truly remarkable is how Elon Musk and his teams at Tesla and SpaceX are using their resources to provide solutions for the current ventilator crisis right now. On top of SpaceX already providing valves for Medtronic’s ventilators, Tesla’s delivery network could give a lot of help in distributing the medical supplies to those in need. Musk, for his part, seems to be intent on keeping his donations of FDA-approved non-invasive ventilators, N95 masks, and protective equipment coming, all at zero cost to those receiving the items.

Tesla and SpaceX engineers' ventilator work receives Medtronic CEO's recognition
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