Tesla’s standard connectivity gets shortened to eight years in China

Credit: Tesla Greater China/Twitter

Earlier this month, Tesla stopped offering free lifetime standard connectivity for its newly-purchased vehicles in the United States. It was then only a matter of time before Tesla’s connectivity package in countries such as China was also updated.

As could be seen on Tesla China’s official website, this was indeed the case. According to the company, cars ordered on and after July 21, 2022 would be receiving free standard connectivity for eight years from their date of delivery. Previously, standard connectivity was offered for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Similar to the United States, Tesla offers a “standard” and “premium” connectivity option for customers in China. The features that come with a premium connectivity subscription in China are almost identical to those offered in the United States. However, “Sentry Mode – View Live Camera,” which requires premium connectivity in the US, is unavailable in China.

Tesla China customers who order a vehicle would receive a free 30-day trial for premium connectivity. After this period, customers could pay an extra RMB 9.99 (about $1.50) per month for the service, which is extremely cheap compared to its price in the United States. In the US, Tesla’s premium connectivity service costs $9.99 per month.

Tesla vehicles in China that were ordered prior to July 21 would still enjoy free lifetime standard connectivity. Cars that were ordered prior to August 30, 2019, on the other hand, will still enjoy free lifetime premium connectivity.

The updated standard connectivity service in China stands as Tesla’s latest move to scale back benefits offered to local customers. This comes as the company continues to establish itself as one of the country’s premier electric vehicle makers. With such a low monthly cost of $1.50, however, it would not be surprising if Tesla China’s premium connectivity becomes the standard for customers just the same.

As noted by Elon Musk during the company’s Q2 2022 earnings call, China’s best electric vehicle maker today is Tesla China. This is quite accurate, especially considering that the company sold a record 78,906 domestically-produced Model 3 and Model Y in June, beating its previous record of 70,847 units in December.

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Tesla’s standard connectivity gets shortened to eight years in China
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