Tesla’s range prediction updates get extremely detailed in 2022.20.7

(Credit: Tesla China)

Tesla’s range prediction for its all-electric vehicles is getting a lot more detailed with update 2022.20.7. 

With the update, Tesla is going into extreme detail to make its range prediction as accurate as possible. The company is reportedly using factors such as phone charging and 12V accessory use to better determine how far a vehicle could travel with its battery’s remaining charge. 

Range prediction for electric cars is extremely important as it provides information that could help drivers determine how far they could travel on their current charge. Accurate range predictions could then help travelers plan out their routes better. 

Tesla has already rolled out a number of improvements for its range prediction features in the past. Back in May, the 2022.16.0.2 update allowed Tesla’s vehicles to update their Navigation Energy Prediction feature by incorporating forecasted crosswind, headwind, humidity, and ambient temperature data. 

As per noted Tesla hacker @greentheonly, the 2022.20.7 update takes an insane amount of variables when determining a vehicle’s remaining range. These include tire pressure, energy loss due to phone charging, energy loss due to the use of 12v accessories, current air density, battery heating in cold months, and battery cooling in warm months

These seem to be but the tip of the iceberg, too, as the noted Tesla hacker stated that the update added numerous other extra variables for range predictions. That being said, update 2022.20.7 is currently being rolled out to Tesla vehicles, so it would likely be only a matter of time before tests of the company’s revamped range predictions are shared online. 

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Tesla’s range prediction updates get extremely detailed in 2022.20.7
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