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Tesla hacker indicates Model Y Standard Range+ variant could rollout from Giga Texas first

Credit: Tesla

A Tesla hacker has discovered language in Software Update 2022.8.2 that seems to indicate a Model Y Standard Range+ variant will be rolling out from Gigafactory Texas initially, as deliveries are set to begin soon.

Last week, it was confirmed that a new Model Y variant packing just 279 miles of range was added to the EPA’s FuelEconomy.gov website, confirming the vehicle was approved by the agency to enter the stream of commerce. Teslarati confirmed this by recovering several documents from the EPA, which confirmed that Tesla had applied for certification of the new Model Y variant on February 2, receiving a Certificate of Conformity from the EPA on February 16. We reported in late February this was the final step before deliveries could officially begin. The vehicle can enter the stream of commerce at Tesla’s discretion.

Tesla lands quick EPA approval for new mysterious Model Y variant

Interestingly, the new Model Y’s range rating had Tesla enthusiasts stumped at whether the vehicle would equip the 4680 cells that Tesla confirmed would be in Austin-made vehicles. The low range rating seemed to indicate that Tesla could be rolling out a Standard Range vehicle using LFP cells, which the automaker said would transition all Standard Range vehicles to late last year. However, it could still be 4680 cells with the structural battery pack, as Tesla is cell constrained for the new batteries and could simply use fewer cells in the early builds of the vehicle.

Now, Tesla hacker “green,” says the Texas-made Model Y SR+ has been added to the company’s 2022.8.2 Software Update, which seems to indicate the vehicle could be the first to roll out of the new production facility located just outside of Austin city limits.

While the range ratings and batteries used in the Model Y are not present in the internal reference, green said the model name, Standard Range+, and location of manufacture, Gigafactory Texas, are included. He confirmed in another Tweet that two SR+ Model Y variants are now included in the update’s coding: one from Gigafactory Shanghai, first produced in Q3 2021, and the new Austin-built variant, which will likely begin deliveries in Q1 2022, as it has been labeled.

Tesla is still awaiting EPA approval of one additional Model Y variant, according to EPA filings, but has not yet received a Certificate of Conformity for this configuration.

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Tesla hacker indicates Model Y Standard Range+ variant could rollout from Giga Texas first
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