Tesla Model S Plaid controversial steering yoke wins over critic

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In the months leading up to the launch of the Tesla Model S Plaid, electric vehicle owners were split about the notion that the flagship all-electric sedan would be released with a strangely shaped steering yoke. But as deliveries of the vehicle started, Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that the Model S Plaid’s steering yoke was here to stay, and it would be the only option for the new flagship sedan. 

Reviews of the Tesla Model S Plaid have been typically positive, though even the most supportive ones such as those from YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) have noted that the steering yoke was the one big flaw in an otherwise near-perfect car. This sentiment was echoed over numerous reviews, from professional drivers such as Jason Cammisa to other esteemed auto reviewers such as Doug DeMuro

Elon Musk, for his part, has been steadfast in the notion that the steering yoke is the way to go. When Brownlee posted his initial review of the Model S Plaid criticizing the steering yoke, Musk noted that the tech reviewer’s conclusions were a “fair critique.” However, the CEO also noted that there was no chance that a normal steering wheel option would be made available for the Model S Plaid. 

As it turns out, Musk’s preference for the Model S Plaid’s steering yoke may not be completely unfounded. In a recent Twitter update, Brownlee noted that over the 6,806 miles that he has driven his Tesla Model S Plaid, he has now gotten so used to the vehicle’s steering yoke that he would probably not switch over to a regular steering wheel even if he was given a chance. He also noted that the Model S Plaid’s performance was something that he would never get used to. 

In later comments, Brownlee added that the Tesla Model S Plaid’s yoke is actually very comfortable to use when he drives the vehicle manually. And while he criticized the yoke’s layout of capacitive touch buttons on the yoke for features like the left and right turn signals in the past, the YouTube tech reviewer stated that he has now developed the muscle memory to avoid accidentally engaging the capacitive buttons in the yoke. 

Apart from providing an update about his experience with the Model S Plaid’s steering yoke, Brownlee also shared some of his insights on the vehicle’s Auto Shift out of Park feature. According to the tech reviewer, the flagship sedan is about 90% accurate in predicting what gear should be engaged if the vehicle needs to be shifted out of Park. Thus, while the feature still needs a manual override every now and then, its current performance is quite good enough to make Auto Shift a pretty intuitive feature. 

Watch Marques Brownlee’s original Tesla Model S Plaid review in the video below.

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Tesla Model S Plaid controversial steering yoke wins over critic
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