Tesla becomes last EV standing after car rental company purges its BEV fleet

Credit: Miete Deinen Tesla

The electric vehicle market is getting more crowded, with more and more electric cars being released every year. This was particularly true for Miete Deinen Tesla, a German electric vehicle rental company that expanded its operations by purchasing more EVs from other automakers. In a recent announcement, the BEV rental company noted that it is purging its EV fleet save for its Teslas since the ownership experience of other electric cars is a bit lacking, at least for now. 

The car rental company outlined its decision in a recent video, which was uploaded on its YouTube channel. In the video, the company noted that it is actually very sad to see some of its EVs go, especially the Porsche Taycan 4S, an otherwise stunning electric car that is bogged down by its charging infrastructure. Other electric cars that the company bought from manufacturers like Volkswagen and Hyundai also presented their own fair share of challenges — challenges which do not make them as good as Teslas for business. 

Miete Deinen Tesla mentioned some of the issues that they experienced over the time they operated with a fleet of EVs from different automakers. According to the company, issues that were prevalent with non-Tesla electric cars included software, charging, and repair, to name a few. For example, Volkswagen’s ID series are yet to have over-the-air software update capabilities, which means that owners typically have to go to dealers just to update their vehicles. 

The BEV rental company noted that it would continue to support the electric vehicle movement by featuring non-Tesla electric cars in its YouTube channel on a regular basis. But for its actual business, the car rental company would be focusing on a Tesla-only fleet for now. This is quite understandable considering that Tesla’s electric vehicles are very well rounded, and their rapid charging infrastructure makes them ideal alternatives to fossil fuel-powered cars. 

If there are any lessons that could be learned from the experience of the German electric vehicle rental company, it is that the ownership experience of EVs matters a lot. Electric cars may be stunning and their capabilities as a vehicle per se may be impressive, but without the necessary ecosystem, the ownership experience could easily get bogged down. Fortunately, this is something that Tesla particularly excels at, despite the company’s areas of improvement when it comes to service and repair. 

Tesla’s mastery of over-the-air updates is also a key advantage, as it allows the company to address minor issues and even add features from time to time by a software update that’s not unlike those utilized by smartphone-makers like Apple. 

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Tesla becomes last EV standing after car rental company purges its BEV fleet
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