Tesla Stocks Do Well Despite a Soft Market

Tesla stock doing very wellTesla’s stocks are doing well, despite a market still heading south. I love a good disruptive business model and Tesla Motors has a great one, befuddling industry experts and creating animosity everywhere.

Why does Tesla stocks do well, when the market doesn’t?

There is something to be said about new companies ridiculed, but ultimately, hailing a new business model everyone will have to adopt, one way or the other. The Gandhi quote comes to mind: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” While, this might simplify the notion that Tesla’s business model is a thorn in the side of most carmakers, and now, utilities, marketing companies, and much more, it spells doom for traditional industries lagging behind, with bright red neon lights. Those unwilling to change or adopt, are usually left behind kicking and screaming. The Tesla stocks continue to defy logic, while the rest of the market heads south.

Tesla stock do well, despite not being profitable

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