Tesla Supercharger Network reaches Mt. Everest’s base camp

(Credit: Tesla China/Weibo)

Tesla China’s charging team announced that 11 new Supercharger stations have been completed, promising a picturesque route from Chengdu to Tingri. The new Supercharger stations allow Tesla drivers to travel vast distances in China, all the way up to the base camp of Mount Everest, arguably the most prolific mountain in the world.

“We drove over 2500+ kilometers, across 13 sea levels 4000+ miles high, passing 20+ famous landscapes,” noted one of Tesla China’s infographics about the latest Supercharger Station line.

In another infographic, Tesla China referred to Supercharger lines along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, which runs on two separate routes. The northern route is 2,293 kilometers long. The southern route is a little shorter, spanning 2,149 kilometers. The Sichuan-Tibet Highway is the longest high-altitude road in China and can be one of the most challenging overland trips.

(Credit: Tesla China/Weibo)

Tesla China states there are 32 charging sites in Chengdu, Sichuan, at the start of the route. Travelers can also find Supercharging Stations in several good rest-stop areas along the way, including at the Yudu Hotel in Ya’an, Xinyu Plaza in Kangding, the Cordyceps Hotel in Litang, and Shanju Hotel in Mangkang. The last stop on the new Tesla Supercharger route is the Roof of the World Hotel in Tibet, Tingri.

Tesla China noticeably increased the growth of the Supercharger Network in the country since late last year. In January, the 700th Supercharger Station went live at the Badaling Ski Resort in Beijing. At the time, Tesla China’s Supercharger Network had grown by 30% in about 40 days. Tesla’s charging team in China hopes to bring “worry-free charging” and decrease range anxiety for local drivers, assuring that owners can travel contently.

(Credit: @ray4tesla/Twitter)

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Tesla Supercharger Network reaches Mt. Everest’s base camp
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