Tesla Sweden claims it is missing 1000 license plates

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla is appealing to the Court of Appeals in its lawsuit against the Swedish Transport Agency. Tesla Sweden is disputing all the claims from the Swedish Transport Agency and claims that it is missing 1,000 license plates for new cars expected for delivery by customers. 

Tesla Sweden appealed to the Court of Appeal, requesting to get license plates directly from the manufacturer. The Swedish Transport Agency appealed the Norrköping District Court’s interim decision, forcing it to hand over license plates to Tesla or be fined one million kroner. 

The appeals court withdrew Norrköping District Court’s temporary injunction, leaving Tesla in the hands of the Swedish postal service, Postnord. With the injunction withdrawn, Tesla is back at square one. Still, Tesla received permission from the Solna District court to retrieve new vehicle license plates from Postnord’s Danderyd facility. The Solna district court oversees Tesla Sweden’s lawsuit against Postnord. 

To recap, Tesla Sweden filed a lawsuit against The Swedish Transport Agency, which refuses to switch the courier delivering the license plates it needs to deliver new vehicles to customers. The Texas-based automaker also sued Postnord for failing to deliver license plates.

IF Metall has gained support from other trade unions in Sweden for its strike against Tesla. The Swedish union appealed to other countries to join the strike against Tesla as well. The United Auto Workers (UAW) union in the United States has set its eye on Tesla, after a triumphant strike against Detroit’s Big 3 automakers. Denmark and Norway have also shown support for IF Metall’s strike against Tesla.

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Tesla Sweden claims it is missing 1000 license plates
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