Tesla Sweden strike spreads as IF Metall seeks support across Europe & the US

(Credit: Tesla)

IF Metall’s strike against Tesla Sweden might spread as the Swedish union seeks support across Europe and the United States.

An ombudsman for IF Metall, Arturo Vasquez, told the Financial Times that the Swedish union is actively talking with counterparts in Europe and the United States to join the strike against Tesla or make moves of their own. Interestingly enough, the United Auto Workers union recently announced it would launch union drives for 13 non-unionized automakers in the United States, including Tesla. 

“If you look at what Elon Musk has done in the US, he’s anti-unions. For us, it’s symbolic. For Swedish unions, it’s an incredibly important fight,” said Arturo Vasquez. 

Vasquez stood among strikers outside Tesla’s service center in the Stockholm suburb of Segelstorp, where he claims half of the employees joined IF Metall’s strike. Union membership has been declining in Sweden, but Swedish unions remain one of the largest in Europe. Unions in Sweden still hold significant power. 

Only some people in Sweden share ideas about unions, similar to Vasquez. Some people in Sweden believe unions are a thing of the past and it’s time to step into the future. 

“IF Metall and other unions was a good idea 100 years ago. But we are in a new era now, [and] young people can speak up for themselves and negotiate. Companies are willing to compete for good workers with good salaries and benefits. 

“Unions don’t have a role to play anymore, or at least not the same as 100 years ago. Unions have become a big Ponzi scheme in Sweden; the members pay $50.00 every month and get nothing in return, which is billions of dollars every year that only gain a few at the top with [huge] salaries and loads of benefits,” one Swedish local told Teslarati. 

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Tesla Sweden strike spreads as IF Metall seeks support across Europe & the US
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