Tesla Sweden nabs a small win in Postnord lawsuit

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Tesla Sweden nabbed a small win recently in its Postnord lawsuit. 

Tesla filed a lawsuit against Postnord for failing to deliver license plates for new electric vehicles meant for customers in Sweden. Tesla also filed a lawsuit against the Swedish Transport Agency, which refuses to change its courier from Postnord, preventing the company from getting new license plates. 

Recently, the Solna district court, which is handling Tesla’s lawsuit against Postnord, issued some orders that provided the Texas-based automaker with its first win since IF Metall started its strike. The district court gave Tesla the right to retrieve new vehicle license plates from Postnord’s Danderyd facility. The court’s decision is temporary and applies until the Norrköping District Court settles Tesla’s lawsuit against the Swedish Transport Agency


Despite the slight win for Tesla, the Solna District Court also stated that the automaker would receive mail from Postnord, rejecting the company’s request to receive mail from the courier. Postnord blocked all mail and packages addressed to Tesla’s facilities in Sweden after Seko declared its support for IF Metall’s strike against the company. 

“By refusing to comply with the rules of the game here in Sweden, Tesla is trying to gain competitive advantages by giving the workers worse wages and conditions than they would have with a collective agreement,” Seko’s union President said. 

Postnord is the main courier used by the Swedish Transport Agency. Tesla requested the Agency to use a different courier and was denied. 

“The authority Kammarkollegiet has procured a framework agreement for letter and parcel services that all authorities must use. And according to that agreement, we must use Postnord,” explains Anna Berggrund, Director of the Department of Vehicle Information at the Swedish Transport Agency.

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Tesla Sweden nabs a small win in Postnord lawsuit
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