Sweden union IF Metall lawyer admits his family has a Tesla Model Y

Darko Davidovic is one of the key players in the ongoing union strike against Tesla in Sweden. Davidovic serves as the IF Metall union’s federal lawyer, and he has overtly criticized the electric vehicle maker for its lack of collective agreement. But as per recent reports, Davidovic’s family owns a Tesla Model Y today, and he drove a Model S in the past. 

As IF Metall’s lawyer, Davidovic advises the union on which strike actions are within the confines of the law. But in a recent conversation with Swedish motoring news outlet CarUp, the lawyer confirmed that the only private car in his family today is a Tesla Model Y owned by his wife. Davidovic also bought a Tesla Model S in the past, though he was unhappy with the company’s service for the flagship all-electric sedan, and he ended up selling the vehicle. 

The lawyer explained that when he bought a Model S about four years ago, Tesla had no conflict with IF Metall. Davidovic also noted that he was not aware that Tesla lacked a collective agreement with its workers. He stated that he learned of Tesla’s lack of collective agreement only at the end of last year. Today at least, Davidovic noted that he would “definitely not buy” a Tesla.

However, Davidovic’s family bought a Model Y at the end of March this year, a time when the lawyer was already aware that Tesla had no collective agreement. In a comment to CarUp, Davidovic admitted that he did try to get his wife to purchase a BMW instead, but she refused. Davidovic, for his part, noted that all he can really do is not drive his wife’s Tesla Model Y today. 

“I’m not driving it today. It would be perceived as strange under these circumstances. I tried to get her to buy a BMW instead, but she has a strong will of her own… It is clear that I have driven it. But of course, I’m not out in public in the current circumstances. It would be inappropriate to drive around in a Tesla right now,” the federal lawyer said.

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Sweden union IF Metall lawyer admits his family has a Tesla Model Y
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