Swedish labor union to stop picking up Tesla’s garbage

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Tesla’s garbage will not make it to a landfill, at least not until the automaker accepts collective bargaining rights for Swedish workers.

The country’s Transport Workers’ Union said on Wednesday that it would no longer collect Tesla’s garbage and waste at its showrooms and service centers as another act of solidarity with IF Metall.

“This type of sympathy action is very rare. We are using it now to protect the Swedish collective agreements and the safety of the Swedish labor market model,” the President of the Swedish Transport Workers’ Union, Tommy Wreeth, said, according to Reuters.

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After dockworkers refused to transport Tesla’s vehicles and Denmark ports also refused to move vehicles set to enter Sweden in an act of solidarity, Tesla is facing more pressure from other groups.

Drivers, postal employees, and even electricians have also joined in on the strike, hoping to help Swedish union workers get what they request from Tesla.

The collective bargaining agreement that Swedish workers are hoping to have Tesla agree to would cover wages and other conditions.

However, Tesla maintains that Swedish employees have as good as or better terms than the ones the union is attempting to squeeze out of the automaker.

Despite Tesla’s issues with Sweden over the past month and a half, the company is still doing fine in terms of overall sales figures.

What will be interesting to see is if Tesla manages to win back the support of IF Metall, as the automaker may have to commit to some of the demands that Swedish employees are pushing for. Additionally, the move to come to terms with at least some of the union’s requests could ultimately stop the strike from spreading, along with other moves of solidarity from workers in the region.

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Swedish labor union to stop picking up Tesla’s garbage
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