IF Metall head talks about Tesla strike: “we have nothing against Tesla as a car”

(Credit: Björn Larsson Rosvall via Dagens Industri)

Marie Nilsson, the head of Swedish union IF Metall, answered some questions about the strike against Tesla in an interview with local media. 

During the interview, local media outlet Arbetet asked Nilsson to share her thoughts on how the strike is affecting the Tesla brand. The IF Metall head admitted that the union’s strike would probably have a negative effect on the Texas-based automaker. 

“I think [it’s] difficult to see that it would not have a negative effect. Then we think it’s boring because we have nothing against Tesla as a car,” Nilsson added. 

When Nilsson was asked if she would ever consider buying a Tesla vehicle, she didn’t completely turn down the idea. 

“Now, I would probably think about it. But as soon as we have solved this, I think it is very good that Swedes buy electric cars and participate in the climate transition. So I could certainly imagine that,” said the IF Metall head. 

It isn’t too far-fetched to imagine the head of IF Metall buying a Tesla, considering it was one of the top-selling automakers in Sweden last year. Despite IF Metal’s strike against the automaker, the Tesla Model Y became Sweden’s best-selling car in 2023. Tesla saw a 120% increase in sales and market share in 2023. 

Nilsson believes that Metall and Tesla’s conflict will end with a solution that both parties can agree on. IF Metall’s contract secretary Veli-Pekka Säikkälä has already suggested a possible compromise to end the Tesla Sweden strike.

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IF Metall head talks about Tesla strike: “we have nothing against Tesla as a car”
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