Tesla ‘Teslaquila’ booze may follow Short Shorts for the ultimate party

Elon Musk shares an image of a Teslaquila bottle. (Credit: Elon Musk/Instagram)

Elon Musk has stayed true to his word by releasing Tesla Short Shorts, with the CEO even remarking that he has acquired a couple of XL ones for himself. With the upcoming 2020 Annual Shareholder Meeting looking to be an event with some participants proudly donning the latest and boldest in Tesla’s apparel line, there is only one other product that is yet to be released for the ultimate party: Teslaquila.

Amidst the announcement of the impending launch of the Short Shorts on Tesla’s official shop, Elon Musk reiterated that Teslaquila is still “coming soon.” This shows that the CEO has not given up on releasing the cleverly named beverage just yet. There are very few things that could go perfectly with a pair of red and gold short shorts after all, and Teslaquila is definitely one of them.

Teslaquila has been a long time coming. The product was initially teased during Musk’s infamous 2018 April Fools’ joke, which featured him “passing out” against a Model 3 with a cardboard sign that read “Bankwupt!” In the post’s description, Musk mentioned that he had been found by Tesla staff passed out and surrounded by bottles of “Teslaquila.” It did not take long before Tesla owners and enthusiasts asked the CEO if a real alcoholic beverage with the name would indeed be made.

Musk, of course, was game with the idea, and Tesla did file an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for an alcoholic beverage branded as “Teslquila.” Unfortunately for the company, the application was rejected by a patent examiner on account of another alcoholic beverage with a name that was allegedly too close to “Teslaquila” called “Spirit Tesla.” Spirit Tesla featured a bottle with the image of Nikola Tesla, and is owned by Serbian brewing firm Valjevsko.

Tesla’s legal team then argued that it would be unlikely for the two beverages — “Teslaquila” and “Spirit Tesla” — to be confused with each other. The electric car maker’s legal team noted that “Teslaquila” is immediately recognizable as a drink related to the EV and battery company, while “Spirit Tesla” is recognizable as a drink that invokes a connection to Nikola Tesla himself. The two drinks would be different as well, since Teslaquila is a distilled agave liquor and Spirit Tesla is plum brandy, also known as Slivovitz.

Inasmuch as Teslaquila has been delayed for a while, it should be noted that it also took some time before the company was able to release Tesla Short Shorts to the market. The shorts, after all, were announced on August 2018, just a few months after the initial announcement of Teslaquila. With this in mind, it definitely seems like Teslaquila may be next for the electric car maker’s expanding range of eclectic merchandise.

Tesla ‘Teslaquila’ booze may follow Short Shorts for the ultimate party
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