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Tesla (TSLA) gets $1K bull case target from Wedbush over China and Europe’s potential

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Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) recently received an optimistic $1,000 per share bull case target from Wedbush. Analyst Dan Ives discussed the electric car maker’s potential in Europe and China. According to Ives, electric cars will likely see a steeper adoption curve over the next 18 to 24 months, and Tesla, which is establishing a local presence in Europe and China, could take advantage of this momentum. 

Ives opted to maintain his “Neutral” rating on TSLA stock, though he increased his price target from $500 to $560 per share. As noted in a report from Benzinga, Ives described China as a “greenfield market opportunity,” while noting that “overall EV sales can potentially double in the region over the next few years given the pent-up demand for EV vehicles across all price points.” 

The Wedbush analyst noted that Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai plant could provide a “major competitive advantage” in the country’s electric vehicle market. That being said, Ives also remarked that it would not only be Tesla that would likely see a boost in China. Other electric car makers such as BYD, NIO, and Xpeng, would likely see some momentum from the country’s growing EV market as well. 

Apart from China, Ives also remarked that Europe’s ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions should drive more consumer focus on EVs. This would likely be notable in countries such as France, Italy, Germany, and the UK. The demand for electric vehicles in these countries could very well be addressed by Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin facility, which is expected to start producing the Made-in-Germany Model Y sometime next year. 

Tesla’s strategy for Europe has won the approval of the Wedbush analyst. “Tesla’s Berlin factory build out a major step in the right direction that will increase margins and simplify logistics/deliveries throughout Europe looking ahead,” Ives noted. 

The Wedbush analyst’s $1,000 bull case for TSLA stock highlights just how far the electric car maker has gone since May 2019, when Tesla seemed to be in dire straits. Back then, Ives described Tesla as a company in a “code red” situation considering its difficulties in meeting its production targets. The analyst also heavily criticized Tesla and Elon Musk, stating that the company and its CEO seemed more focused on pursuing “sci-fi projects” instead of improving its finances. Ives gave TSLA stock a price target of $230 per share then—pre split. 

That being said, with five consecutive profitable quarters under its belt, it does seem that Tesla has definitely become a company that is far more formidable and stable than before.

Disclaimer: I am long TSLA. 

Tesla (TSLA) gets $1K bull case target from Wedbush over China and Europe’s potential
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