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Tesla analyst backtracks on negativity being ‘overdone,’ now says it’s warranted

Tesla analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities said just two weeks ago that negative sentiments surrounding the electric vehicle giant were “overdone” in a note to investors. In a new note, Ives is stating that the negativity is “warranted.”

In mid-March, Ives wrote a note to investors that stated Tesla could still reach a base delivery goal of 2.1 million units, as the firm even listed a “stretch” estimation of 2.2 million if the company could stimulate growth and catch a few favorable breaks.

Tesla stock sentiment ‘overdone’ as 2.1m delivery target takes focus: Wedbush

Although Ives said in the previous note that the negative narrative surrounding Tesla was not necessarily completely accurate, he did admit that Q1 was tracking to be a “soft” quarter and projected somewhere around 430,000 deliveries for the quarter.

However, Ives put out a new note last night after market close that changes the narrative Wedbush held two weeks ago, and there is not only a price target reduction from the firm, but also some worry regarding what the company can achieve in 2024.

“We believe the Tesla narrative is as negative as we have seen in the last few years with Musk/Tesla getting attacked by the bears from all directions. But unlike other times, now it’s warranted as growth has been sluggish and margins showing compression with China a nightmare. For Musk, this is a fork in the road time to get Tesla through this turbulent period; otherwise, darker days could be ahead.”

Ives and Wedbush now list two million vehicles as the goal for Tesla in 2024. Q1 seems to be an overwhelming weak point for Tesla as the quarter comes to a close, according to several analysts.  Numbers coming out of China are relatively weak and could be down 3 to 4 percent this quarter compared to the same period last year.

In order to change the narrative and outlook for Tesla moving forward, Ives believes Tesla and Musk should do a wide range of things. One is to give a range for margins and deliveries this year, something the company did not do during its Earnings Call for Q4 in January.

Additionally, Ives said Tesla needs to have a strategy for Q1 to outline how it can turn around softening demand in China, hold a new Battery/AI Day, have Musk commit to being a Tesla-first CEO for the next 3-5 years, and start a “real advertising campaign.”

Disclosure: Joey Klender owns Tesla stock.

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Tesla analyst backtracks on negativity being ‘overdone,’ now says it’s warranted
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