Porsche recalls less than 1,000 Taycan units for electrical system risk

Porsche is recalling just 749 Taycan all-electric vehicles from 2021 to 2024 due to a high-voltage battery short-circuiting risk.

Porsche Taycan, Taycan 4S, and Taycan 4 Cross Turismo vehicles were identified by data analytics they may have a potential issue with short-circuiting in the high-voltage battery.

The company said in an NHTSA 473 Safety Recall Report:

“Certain Taycan high-voltage batteries experience short circuits within the battery modules, which can lead to thermal events and in some cases fires.”

Short-circuiting in the high-voltage battery can increase the chance that a thermal event occurs, documents state. The root cause of the issue appears to be production issues in the high-voltage battery modules, which could increase the chance of a short circuit.

Porsche sources its batteries from LG Energy Solutions in Poland in this particular instance, according to the documents.

In 2021, Porsche became aware of a battery fire that occurred on a Taycan unit shortly after charging. The company found that “further instances of battery fires” were probable in 2023.

“…although the root cause analysis was still ongoing, on 6 December 2023, Porsche determined that a safety-related defect exists in the identified vehicles (manufacturer recall identification code APB5). Porsche continued investigating this issue together with the battery cell/module manufacturer, using, in particular, data analytics and hardware analyses. With this additional investigation and analyses, on 13 March 2024, Porsche determined that a safety-related defect exists in additional vehicles identified via data analytics and hardware analyses.”

Any Porsche Taycan that was produced after March 4, 2024, is not subject to the recall.

However, Porsche advises that any affected vehicles be charged only 80 percent. Additionally, the company said it will obtain vehicle battery data via battery inspection or over-the-air access. Porsche said replacement battery modules will be produced using improved cell production quality.

Porsche recalled 2,570 Taycan units in China due to battery issues last year.

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Porsche recalls less than 1,000 Taycan units for electrical system risk
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