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Tesla (TSLA) gets new PTs after Battery Day breakthroughs

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Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) received a variety of new price targets from investment firms following the conclusion of the company’s Battery Day event last night. Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and Baird analysts all raised their outlook for the electric automaker’s stock following the successful Battery Day presentation, which revealed Tesla’s plans for a new battery structure, more efficient manufacturing, and its roadmap for more affordable vehicles. Morgan Stanley also commended Tesla’s event but did not increase its price target.

Tesla stock suffered a small pullback in value during and following the event, which can likely be attributed to the fact that the revealings at Battery Day will not be available immediately. CEO Elon Musk stated a day prior to the event that some of the developments will take a few years to come to fruition.

However, some firms are advising that investors take advantage of the pullback in stock value. Tesla’s announcements last night proved that the company is head and shoulders above the rest of the EV sector in terms of manufacturing, performance, and battery technology.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs analyst Mark Delaney raised his price target on TSLA stock from $295 to $400 and maintained a “Neutral” rating, according to TheFly. The increased outlook from Delaney is based on Tesla’s importance in the future widespread adoption of electric cars, as well as potential margin upside from software. Delaney wrote in a note to Goldman investors that Tesla’s goals to produce its own battery cells, along with a possible 100 GWh capacity by 2022, and 3 TWh in 2030, shows the company’s plan is set and it has a roadmap to achieve it.

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank’s Emmanuel Rosner upgraded his rating on Tesla stock from “Hold” to “Buy” and raised his price target from $400 to $500. Rosner stated that although Wall Street’s reaction to the Tesla event was not positive, it is an opportunity for investors to take advantage of a discount on the share price. “With the stock price indicated down post-market traders ‘sell the news,’ we recommend longer-term investors to take advantage of weakness to buy Tesla as the best way to invest in vehicle electrification,” Rosner wrote to investors, according to CNBC.

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Ben Kallo of Baird increased his price target to $360 from $332 and reiterated his “Neutral” rating on the stock. The minimal increase in Kallo’s price target is because he believes the company’s current valuation already reflects significant disruption potential. “With the Battery Day in the rearview, we think there is a lack of upcoming catalysts and are cautious about demand given the recessionary environment,” Kallo writes to investors. He believes the company’s future holders should take advantage of pullbacks in stock price, MarketWatch reported.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas stated that Tesla Battery Day “largely lived up to the hype, by didn’t clearly exceed it.” However, Jonas indicated that the plan to reduce cell cost and increase total investment cost was “substantial for this industry.” The analyst added that “applying Tesla’s 69% targeted savings to this figure (implying $174mm/10 GWh) to the 3 TWh target implies over $50bn of battery capacity investment needed to Tesla alone and $350bn for the industry to get to 20 TWh.

At the time of writing, TSLA stock was trading at $398.42.

Disclaimer: Joey Klender is a TSLA Shareholder.

Tesla (TSLA) gets new PTs after Battery Day breakthroughs
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