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Tesla investors post questions for TSLA Q3 2023 earnings call

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Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) third-quarter 2023 earnings call is less than a week away, and investors are already submitting questions for the event’s Q&A session.

Similar to past earnings calls, Tesla is gathering inquiries from both retail and institutional TSLA shareholders using investor communications platform Say. As of writing, Say’s webpage for the Tesla Q3 2023 earnings call features a variety of notable questions, spanning topics from Tesla’s factories like Gigafactory Mexico to future projects like Optimus and the dedicated Robotaxi. 

Following are the top ten questions from TSLA retail investors that are currently listed in Say

  1. Can you provide a progress update on the 4680 cell, particularly progress towards performance improvements and cost savings outlined on battery day? Thank You! 
  2. How’s FSD v12 progress going? What are the biggest challenges? How will you extract a mind’s eye view from an end-to-end network? 
  3. How many Cybertruck deliveries do you anticipate for 2024? 
  4. Do you expect the 4680 ramp to support both Cybertruck and Model Y production next year? 
  5. Will Optimus be working on Gigafactory lines next year? If so, how many would you guess will be deployed? 
  6. Can you give us an update on your expected ramp for the Tesla Semi? 
  7. Are any Tesla suppliers common with Ford/GM/Stellantis at significant solvency or operational risk based on the UAW strike? Is your analysis of your supply base risk complete? 
  8. When do you expect Model 3 Highland to be available in the US? 
  9. Tesla Model 3 and Y now cost approximately the same as an average non-luxury car ($31.9k) and non-luxury SUV ($35.7k) after tax credit in the US despite better features. Why does Tesla repeatedly choose price cuts over other cheaper strategies to grow volumes, such as educational ads? 
  10. Is there a schedule-defining issue w/ the Cybertruck remaining?

Following are six questions from TSLA institutional investors that are currently aggregated by Say: 

  1. Could you please provide an update on (i) capacity expansion plans for the company’s factories in Berlin and Austin and (ii) the opening schedule of Gigafactory Mexico? 
  2. Do you have an approximate timeline in mind for the Robotaxi (driven or non-driven)? What excites you most about how this project is progressing? 
  3. Neural net path planning represents a significant advance in capability and safety for FSD. What steps is Tesla taking to make this technology available outside the US? 
  4. How do Model 3 Highland gross margins compare to gross margins for legacy Model 3? 
  5. Current sell-side consensus assumes that Tesla will deliver ~2.3 million vehicles in 2024, representing 28% growth vs. 2023 guidance. Is this growth rate achievable without any mass-market launches in 2024, and when does Tesla expect to return to its 50% long-term CAGR? 
  6. Mercedes is accepting legal liability for when its Level 3 autonomous driving system, Drive Pilot, is active. Is Tesla planning to accept legal liability for FSD, and if so, when?

Tesla is expected to hold its Q3 2023 earnings call on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, at 4:30 p.m. Central Time / 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Tesla executives such as CEO Elon Musk are expected to be part of the call. 

Do you have questions that you would like to address to Tesla? Here’s a link to Say’s webpage for the Tesla Q3 2023 earnings call so you can share your inquiry.

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Tesla investors post questions for TSLA Q3 2023 earnings call
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