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Top 5 questions Tesla (TSLA) retail investors want answered in the Q1 2021 earnings call

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Tesla’s Q1 2021 earnings call is coming up, and TSLA shareholders only have a day left to vote on questions during the meeting. Below are the top 5 questions retail investors are asking. 

Question 1 & 2 – Dojo and Solar Roof Updates

Retail investor Robert M. submitted two questions that have garnered significant shares and votes. First, he submitted a question about Dojo–the supercomputer Tesla is developing to process vast amounts of data. In November 2020, Elon Musk noted that Version 1 of Dojo was about a year away from ready.

“How is Dojo coming along? Could Dojo unlock an AWS-like business line for Tesla over the next few years?” Robert M. asked. 

The retail investor also asked about Tesla’s recent Solar Roof price changes. Many Solar Roof customers reported seeing price hikes in their installation quotation in the past few weeks. Musk recently announced that Tesla’s solar products—solar panels and Solar Roof—will be sold with Powerwalls as an integrated system.

“The recent price changes on Solar Roof have been a bit discouraging for customers and investors. Could Tesla share more about Solar Roof challenges and if the outlook [h]as changed at all (i.e., 1,000+ per week?” Robert M asked.

Question 3 & 4 – Bitcoin Payments and FUD from MSM

The next two questions from retail investors with the third and fourth-most shares and votes came from Emmet P. The retail investor asked about Tesla’s plans in the “digital currency space” and wondered when any significant cryptocurrency developments would be revealed.

Earlier this year, Tesla once again broke away from traditional automaker practices when it invested $1.5 billion in cryptocurrency, enabling customers to purchase Tesla vehicles with Bitcoin. Tesla launched Bitcoin payments last month.

Emmet P.’s second question pertained to the mainstream media’s (MSM) “deceptive [clickbait] headline campaigns,” specifically related to Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. He asked if Tesla had any proactive plans to address the misleading articles published by mainstream media and suggested that the company might consider a “specialty PR” job.

Last week, Consumers Reports released an article about Tesla Autopilot that received massive attention for its questionable content. The article brought mainstream media’s integrity into question again, especially in relation to Tesla. 

Question 5 – Tesla’s Customer Service

The fifth question with the most shares and votes related to Tesla’s efforts to improve customer service and communication. Over the years, Tesla service has been a segment of the company that most customers believe drastic improvements.

“It is extremely frustrating to have to go to Elon’s Twitter to do feature requests and bug report recognition, and I often feel like Tesla[’s] development efforts don’t align with customer needs. Can we please get a Tesla Official community feedback system with up/downvoting?” Kevin P. asked.

Tesla’s Q1 2021 earnings call is scheduled for Monday, April 26, 2021, at 2:30 pm Pacific Time or 5:30 pm Eastern Time. Tesla will release an Update Letter after the market closes on Monday.

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Top 5 questions Tesla (TSLA) retail investors want answered in the Q1 2021 earnings call
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