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Tesla (TSLA) Q3 2023 earnings: What analysts expect

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Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is expected to hold its Q3 2023 earnings call this Wednesday, October 18, 2023. Analysts are looking to secure updates regarding the company’s margins, as well as ongoing projects such as the Cybertruck and Gigafactory Mexico. 

Tesla delivered a total of 435,059 vehicles and produced 430,488 cars in Q3 2023. The numbers represented a decline from Q2, which was due in no small part to factory shutdowns and the launch of the upgraded Model 3 in Giga Shanghai. Based on these results, Tesla has now delivered 1,324,074 vehicles year-to-date, which already exceeds the 1,313,851 cars that were delivered in 2022. 

With these in mind, the following are the top updates that TSLA analysts are looking for in the third-quarter earnings call. 

Deliveries Target

Tesla is expected to post an update on its 2023 delivery target, which was set at 1.8 million vehicles. To meet that goal, the company will need to deliver a record 476,000 vehicles in Q4. Tesla appears determined to achieve this goal, as evidenced by the price cuts for the Model S and Model X and the updates to the Model 3 and Model Y in China. 

The vehicle that would likely hold the key to Tesla’s Q4 2023 results is the upgraded Model 3, which is expected to start deliveries this quarter. With the new Model 3 in the picture, Tesla’s deliveries this quarter would likely see a notable boost. 

Tesla Margins

Nine analysts polled by Visible Alpha noted that Tesla’s price war likely pushed the company’s margins to 18.1%, excluding regulatory credits. Wells Fargo analyst Colin Langan, for his part, noted that Tesla’s margins could dip below 15% in Q4 2023, as noted in a Reuters report. 

“We are factoring in help from the recent decline in lithium prices. However, that likely falls short of offsetting the price cuts,” Langan noted.

Cybertruck Launch and Prices

With sightings of Cybertruck release candidates rising across the United States, expectations are high that the all-electric pickup truck’s first delivery event is just around the corner. Analysts are thus looking forward to any updates on the vehicle, such as its launch date and price. 

Gary Black, managing partner of The Future Fund, expects the production Cybertruck to be more expensive than its initially-announced prices. “It will be around $49,900 for the single motor, probably $59,900 for the dual motor, and probably $79,900 for the tri-motor, a little bit higher than Model Y,” Black estimated. 

Full-Self Driving (FSD) Progress

Tesla has missed Elon Musk’s FSD predictions so much that the CEO has practically become the executive who cried autonomous driving. This does not mean to say that FSD has stagnated, however. On the contrary, FSD’s recent updates have brought the driver-assist system closer to self-driving than ever before. 

Tesla slashed the price of FSD in August. The effects of this price cut, as well as the progress of the program as a whole, are expected to be discussed by Tesla executives in the Q3 earnings call. 

Gigafactory Mexico Updates 

Tesla announced in March that it would build a new factory in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. Details about the factory, such as its cost and construction timeline, are yet to be announced. The project appears to be moving quite slowly compared to facilities such as Giga Shanghai and Giga Texas, though a senior Mexican government official noted last week that the facility’s final permits could be ready in weeks. 

Analysts will likely be looking for updates on Giga Mexico in Tesla’s Q3 earnings call, especially considering that it is the facility that would be building the company’s next-generation vehicle and dedicated Robotaxi. 

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Tesla (TSLA) Q3 2023 earnings: What analysts expect
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