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Mercedes takes out all the stops with new EQG battery material

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG - Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Sila, a battery materials company, has released the specifications for their newest battery anode, which will be used in the upcoming Mercedes EQG.

As automakers have continued to refine their development of electric vehicles, the quality of the materials they use, particularly within the vehicle’s battery, has increasingly grown in importance. Now, Sila, a battery materials supplier, has outlined the numerous benefits of its new “Titan Silicon” battery anodes, which will debut on the upcoming Mercedes EQG by the middle of the decade.

Mercedes is expected to roll out numerous massive platform upgrades alongside the EQG, which will be the company’s first all-electric variant of the fabled G-Class. And while using Sila’s Titan Silicon battery anodes may sound insignificant, new data from Sila proves otherwise.

Simply by swapping from traditional graphite anodes to Sila’s Titan Silicon, the American materials supplier promises massive upgrades, including a 20% increase in range, a 60% decrease in charging time; down to as little as 10 minutes, a 20% decrease in required space, and to top it off, a 50-75% decrease in carbon emissions thanks to the silicon manufacturing process. But perhaps most important to a buyer like Mercedes, Titan Silicon is produced in the United States, helping the German automaker qualify for IRA tax incentives.

Mercedes has not yet specified the specifications of the upcoming EQG. Still, with the incredible capabilities shown off in the EQG concept vehicle, there is no doubt the premium German automaker will be blowing the competition out of the water.

“Titan Silicon is the highest performing nano-composite silicon in the market today. Our battery and materials teams are constantly iterating and improving upon our chemistry to deliver the best and most cost-efficient results possible,” said Gene Berdichevsky, co-founder and CEO of Sila. “With the wide adoption of EVs, consumers are looking for best-in-class solutions that deliver best-in-class performance, and our solutions provide just that: longer range and faster charge.”

Sila announced that it will begin mass production of Titan silicon in 2024 at its new production facility in Moses Lake, Washington.

As for Mercedes, while the incredible EQG will be the first vehicle using the incredible Titan silicon, it will not be alone, as the automaker plans to introduce the material to other models following the EQG launch, expected in 2025.

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Mercedes takes out all the stops with new EQG battery material
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