Tesla rolls out Supercharger amenities, key fob driver profile pairing ahead of v8.1 software update

Ahead of Tesla’s much anticipated version 8.1 over-the-air software update which promises the activation of Enhanced Autopilot on “hardware 2” equipped vehicles, the company has rolled out v8.0 (2.50.114) which adds Supercharger amenities and key fob pairing to a driver’s car profile.

Tesla Supercharger Amenities

The updated Maps app will now display icons near each Supercharger location that depicts restrooms, shopping locations, Wi-Fi spots, and nearby lodging. The new update aims to help drivers plan for their Tesla road trips and is similar in thought to what we have done through our iOS and Android app which features 20,000+ crowdsourced recommendations for Tesla location’s worldwide, submitted by owners.

Automatic Driver Profiles

Version 8.0 (2.50.114) also adds the ability to pair the Tesla key fob to a driver’s profile settings.

“Your car now automatically adjusts the seat and steering wheel position for your comfort before you get in. Link your key to your driver profile, and the car will set the seats, steering wheel and other settings to your driver profile when you open the driver door”, reads the Tesla release notes for the new feature.

This can be especially useful if there’s more than one driver in the Tesla household and each person carries their own key fob.

Tesla v8.0 (2.50.114) release notes submitted via Teslarati app user, ‘Electric Joe’

Equalizer Settings

Audiophiles may rejoice knowing that Tesla has also added two additional equalizer settings to the new software update that allows for finer control of the audio profile. Tapping on the equalizer button in the media player will open up the Audio Settings display which shows the two new adjustments.

Submitted via Teslarati app user, ‘Electric Joe’

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