Tesla wants new video games to be made at Giga Texas

Tesla Model 3 Touchscreen (Source: Andress GE | Instagram and The Witcher | YouTube)

Tesla is looking to ramp up its in-car video game presence for owners based on job descriptions on the company’s website.

The electric automaker is planning to hire a series of Video Game and Infotainment engineers. They will be employed at the new Giga Texas production facility, just 15 minutes outside of Austin.

Tesla posted four different jobs that entailed software engineering, software infotainment development, and video game development on its career website on August 16th. The postings hinted toward a new series of in-car video games and entertainment platforms that would keep drivers occupied while Supercharging their electric vehicles.

The job postings follow an announcement from company CEO Elon Musk, who indicated that along with new Driving Visualization features, Tesla would work on bringing out a new “fun punch buggy sort of game.

Since then, renderings of the company’s vehicles have been released, but the game idea that Musk touched on has remained a mystery. The new job listings hint that the company could be working toward developing a unique array of games that could keep drivers and passengers entertained during downtime.

(Photo: Teslarati)

A goal of Tesla’s has been to improve gamification within its cars for years. Musk, an avid video game fan himself, has made it a point to add more games and other sources of entertainment into the vehicles to help owners combat routine boredom.

However, drivers will also need points of entertainment when Tesla achieves a completely functional self-driving functionality. Musk said during the Q2 2020 Earnings Call that drivers would likely want to have some options of entertainment if the car is operating and navigating on its own.

“Now, when things do become full self-driving, so what are people going to do in the car,” Musk asked. “Well, I guess they’re probably going to do productivity and entertainment of some kind, watch movies, play games, and do work. That’s in the future. We’re already putting some games and stuff on the car just for fun.”

Broad rollouts of new sources of entertainment for drivers could also hint toward the company’s surge toward self-driving functions. With Tesla working toward the “feature complete” version of its Full Self-Driving suite, the company is also working toward an autonomous future with Robotaxi that could help drivers make money with their cars.

Tesla does currently offer some gaming options on its vehicles. Most recently, Fallout Shelter became available with software update 2020.20, and a Buggy Racing game is available and quite popular among first-time Tesla passengers.

Tesla has been preparing for Giga Texas’ initial operation since announcing its construction during the Q2 2020 Earnings Call. As more jobs are offered at Giga, Texas, it becomes more apparent that Tesla is preparing for a large-scale operation at the new facility. The Gigafactory will be responsible for much more than building the company’s fleet of all-electric cars.

Tesla wants new video games to be made at Giga Texas
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