Tesla VP Public Policy Rohan Patel departs company after 8-year stint

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Tesla Vice President for Public Policy and Business Development Rohan Patel has announced that he is leaving the electric vehicle maker. Patel announced his departure from Tesla in a post on his personal account in social media platform X.

Patel’s post included words of appreciation for both the Tesla team and the company’s customers. Patel also highlighted that Tesla’s Policy and Business Development team is one of the best in the industry. Following his departure, the former Tesla executive noted that he would be spending more time with family and ticking off some items off his bucket list

The past 8 years at Tesla have been filled with every emotion – but the feeling I have today is utmost gratitude.  

To our unbelievable customers and fans – I’m inspired by your passion and impact on Tesla and the mission. 

To Elon Musk, for giving me the chance and empowering me to lead big initiatives at the company.  

To the broader Tesla team – the never-say-die attitude and scrappiness is what makes the place special. 

To the best policy/bizdev team in the business, I’m in awe of all that you’ve accomplished. I’m biased, but no group of people has won as many critical policy fights in the push for sustainable energy and transport and against well funded vested interests. You all are my lifelong friends and I’ll always have your back.

My immigrant parents worked their asses off and as a result I’m the luckiest dude. Lucky to have been a part of Barack Obama’s campaign/administration, and truly honored to have worked at Tesla to positively changing multiple industries.  

My plans are to be a recess monitor for my 2nd grade daughter, practice my violin, go to a bunch of bucket list sporting events and take my very patient wife on some long intended travel.  

Excited for the future!

While Patel has been working mostly behind the social media curtain for most of his tenure at the electric vehicle maker, he became very well-loved by the Tesla community over the past few months. This was partly due to his posts on X, which provided a level-headed take on the company’s ongoing activities and challenges. Tesla owners also appreciated the fact that he would regularly interact with customers with small social media followings, essentially giving them a voice. 

Elon Musk, for his part, seems to appreciate Patel’s contribution to Tesla, as the CEO thanked the former executive in a post on X. “Thanks for everything you’ve done for Tesla. Much appreciated,” Musk wrote

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Tesla VP Public Policy Rohan Patel departs company after 8-year stint
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