Tesla Watch from ThinkGeek Pays Tribute to Nikola Tesla

Tesla watch from ThinkGeek pays tribute to Nikola Tesla

The Tesla watch is a fanciful, steampunk creation available exclusively from ThinkGeek. Just $59.99 while supplies last. Be first on your block to own one.



Tesla watch from ThinkGeek pays tribute to Nikola TeslaOkay, it’s not an official Tesla Motors product. It’s a steampunk tribute to Nikola Tesla and its throwback design just might appeal to some Tesla owners. The Tesla watch comes complete with “ornamental winding keys” and two faux vacuum tubes with LEDs that can be switched on by the wearer, a sure conversation piece while making your next Supercharger stop off.

The Tesla watch is priced at an affordable $59.99 from ThinkGeek. Be the first on your block to drive a Tesla while wearing your own personal Tesla watch. Magic decoder ring not included.


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