Tesla's IR Head "This community is another level..."

Tesla’s IR Head says Tesla community is “on another level”

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Tesla’s Head of Investor Relations, Martin Viecha, shared his love for the Tesla community on Twitter today. He tweeted that over the past few weeks, he’d been speaking with some of the largest retail holders of Tesla’s stock ($TSLA). He listened to their stories and learned why they became shareholders.

“I gotta say, many of the conversations left me speechless. This community is another level…”

The Tesla community is a force for good.

In my opinion, the Tesla community is a force for good. It’s a diverse group of people from all over the world who love and support Tesla, its products, services, and stocks. Oh, and Elon Musk.

Before I started writing for CleanTechnica and later for Teslarati, the Twitter Tesla community befriended me when I was going through my own rough times.

During my interview with Elon Musk, I told him that if he’d gone back in time and told me several years ago that I, someone who doesn’t even drive, would be writing about cars, I’d have thought he’d lost his mind.

Yet this is the power of a community. Especially this one. Everyone has their stories. I’ve been a shareholder, and had to sell, rebuy and sell again as life happened. I plan to rebuy again. My point though is that I think the Tesla community is truly the heartbeat of the company.

I’ve seen people help one another. I’ve been helped. Even the City of Baton Rouge awarded the Tesla community for helping out my community during the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

Around 150 families were provided basic necessities and food. Although my name was also on the award, it wasn’t me but the community who that award was meant for.

Making the world a better place.

The Tesla community is a reflection of Tesla, its mission, and even Elon Musk. Granted, we are all unique individuals who have our opinions, desires, and ways of looking at things, but one thing everyone in this community has in common is Tesla and its mission.

And that mission is to make the world a better place. Elon Musk has spoken about this often. Recently, he’s said that Tesla is to protect life on Earth while SpaceX is to extend life beyond.

So yes, Martin, this community is definitely on another level. One that every person at Tesla should be proud of.

Disclaimer: Johnna is a partial Tesla shareholder with under 1 share currently. She plans on buying more and supports Tesla and its mission.





Tesla’s IR Head says Tesla community is “on another level”
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