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Top 10 questions Tesla (TSLA) investors want to know from the Q2 2022 earnings call

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Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is holding its second-quarter earnings call after markets close today, July 20, 2022. As in previous quarters, Tesla investors have voted for the top questions that they want the company’s executives to answer at the upcoming Q2 2022 earnings call. 

As noted by Say, the questions that Tesla investors have submitted for the second quarter earnings call represent inquiries from both retail and institutional investors

Following are the Top 10 Questions from Retail Tesla investors:

  1. How do you feel the progress of FSD is going, and does Andrej Karpathy leaving have any significant impact on any timelines/potential progress?
  2. How is the 4680 ramp going, and is Giga Texas producing cells yet?
  3. Can you speak w/some level of precision on the 4680 ramp, expected vs. actual yield at this point in time? Same for expected daily output vs. actual, and when does output start meeting plan?
  4. Will there be early access for Tesla long-term investors to have early access to SpaceX as an investment opportunity?
  5. How does $TSLA plan to handle all the misinformation, attacks, and fake news against Tesla and Elon Musk? We have been dealing with this and it affects the stock.
  6. How do you plan on executing your strategies to create massive scale? Any ETA on Master Plan Part 3?
  7. Would you consider buying back shares if we can maintain profitability?
  8. What are the biggest 4680 headwinds? And what do you think 4680 production output will be by the end of 2022?
  9. Any update with Tesla HVAC that can be shared?
  10. Is Tesla still planning a software development kit and app store for third-party developers to make and sell Tesla apps?

And the following are the questions from Tesla institutional investors

  1. Chinese EV manufacturers seem to be doing a better job than their western competitors (excluding Tesla) at innovating in software and design. How can Tesla make sure the company is staying ahead of those manufacturers, both within and without China?
  2. When will Tesla have a unified vector space for both the static and moving object network? Will this be v11 or a later version? If the latter, can you explain what makes it a difficult problem in layman’s terms?
  3. Elon recently tweeted about lowering prices “once inflation cools down.” Can you elaborate on what you mean by cooling down and how aggressively the company will lower prices? More broadly, how do you think about auto pricing longer-term?
  4. You made the right economic call before most on inflation when you diversified into bitcoin. It has since shown it’s not much of a hedge in the real-world test the last few months. How do you think about it as an asset over the LT, and what do you need to see to change your view?
  5. With regards to the tamp of production in Austin and Berlin, how is the situation with regards to the supply of semiconductors, battery cells, and other components? How about cost inflation impacting profitability of these and other plants?
  6. What’s the source of Energy for Tesla Berlin? Would the plant would be considered a priority for the German government in case of Gas / Energy rationing?
  7. Assuming technical hurdles are achieved, what is Tesla’s plan for autonomy/robotaxi? Do you expect to first deploy into repetitive routes like Vegas Loop/airport shuttles? or launch fleets in urban areas? What is assessment of political willpower for each?
  8. What sort of demand has tesla seen for Optimus? How would you characterize this demand in terms of units? Re: economics, a hardware fee with SaaS element seems to make sense but can you guide on dollar amounts the market may be willing to pay per unit + exp. margins (at scale)?
  9. At what revenue level will Tesla have to grow its Energy Generation and Storage business to reach profitability, and when might that be achieved? Will you need new battery or solar technology advancements?
  10. How would you rate the EV industry’s progress in achieving sustainable transport, and what are the 3 most likely countries Tesla will need new Gigafactories to achieve sustainable transport?

Disclaimer: I am long TSLA.

Top 10 questions Tesla (TSLA) investors want to know from the Q2 2022 earnings call
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