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Top questions TSLA investors want answered in the Q2 2021 earnings call

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Tesla investors have voted for the top questions they want the company’s executives to answer at the Q2 2021 earnings call. The questions, which were submitted by both retail and institutional investors, were aggregated on

Top Retail Investor Questions

As usual, some of Tesla Daily host Robert Maurer’s questions made it to the top of the list. Both of Maurer’s questions related to Tesla batteries, specifically the company’s 4680 cells and its tabless cell design. 

“Is Tesla planning to start 4680 cell production at Giga Berlin at the same time as vehicle production? Can Tesla share more information on what products will use the battery cells from the pilot line in Fremont?” Maurer’s first question asked. 

In June, Tesla submitted a revised application for Giga Berlin to Brandenburg’s State Office for the Environment. The revisions included the construction of a battery cell manufacturing facility on Giga Berlin grounds. 

For his second question, Maurer asked if Tesla’s tabless cell design would “allow for significantly higher peak charging rates.”

Going in a different direction was Raj B’s question, which pertained to Tesla FSD. He asked if Tesla would ever consider allowing owners to transfer FSD to their next vehicles. The idea of transferring FSD has been around for some time. Many Tesla owners support the idea, but the company has not allowed it thus far.

The next top question came from Amith F., who asked about the remaining constraints Tesla needs to overcome to ramp Solar Roof installations significantly. During the Solar City trial, Elon Musk admitted that the chip shortage affected Powerwall production. Before the last earnings call, Tesla announced that all its solar products would be sold with Powerwalls as a package moving forward.

Lastly, Emmet P asked about Tesla as a conglomerate of start-ups. In a previous earnings call, Elon Musk noted that Tesla was a company made of start-ups. Emmet asked if Tesla ever envisions one of those start-up “spinning out of Tesla.”

Top Institutional Investor Questions

The following are the top inquiries from institutional investors.

Question 1: “As a bridge to the ride-hailing networks, could you leverage the insurance product to give customers the ability to rent out their vehicle via the app, thereby enabling the car to make money from them?” asked the institutional investor.

Question 2: Residential energy use accounts for roughly the same magnitude of carbon emissions as road transport. Today’s boilers and aircon units are profoundly unsexy. Could you elaborate on hints that HVAC advances with the Y could also find use in a domestic system?

Question 3: If meeting your long-term volume targets requires price reductions that preclude you from achieving your LDD% stated margin targets for the auto business, will you still reduce prices accordingly?

Tesla’s Q2 2021 earnings call is scheduled for July 26 after the market closes. After the bell, Tesla will issue a brief advisory with a link to its Q2 2021 Update Letter via its Investor Relations website. The live Q&A session will start at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time (5:30 p.m. Eastern Time).

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Top questions TSLA investors want answered in the Q2 2021 earnings call
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