Toyota BZ3 powered by BYD launches in China, receives 5,000 orders on first day

Toyota launched the all-electric BZ3 sedan in China over the weekend. The legacy automaker reported receiving 5,000 orders for its BZ3 sedan during its launch day, hinting at the demand for the vehicle. 

The Toyota BZ3 uses BYD’s blade-shaped batteries and motor powertrain. The electric mid-sized sedan is built on BYD’s e-TNGA platform, similar to Toyota’s BZ4X SUV. It has BYD’s lithium-iron-phosphate battery cells and Fudi Motor’s electric motor. Fudi Motor is a BYD subsidiary.

BZ3 is built and distributed by the FAW-Toyota joint venture. FAW-Toyota offers two BZ3 models. The base BZ3 starts at RMB 169,800 ($24,679.16), which has an estimated range of 517 km. Meanwhile, the top-range model starts at RMB 199,800 ($29,039.43) with an estimated range of 616 km. The Toyota BZ3’s battery ranges are based on the CLTC test cycle, usually higher than EPA estimates. 

The base BZ3 has a 49.92 kWh battery while the long-range variant uses a 65.29 kWh pack. The Toyota BZ3’s BYD battery cels can be charged from 30% to 80% in 27 minutes. The 49.92 kWh pack can achieve charging speeds of 70 kW while the larger 64.29 battery can achieve a charging speed of 90 kW.

For comparison, the Tesla Model 3 in China is also sold in two variants: the RWD version and the Dual-Motor AWD Performance model. The base Model 3’s price starts at RMB 229,900 ($33,414.24) while the Performance variant costs RMB 329,900 ($47,948.49) before options. Tesla China lists a range of 556 km for the Model 3 based on the CLTC test cycle.

The Toyota BZ3 launches as the new energy vehicle (NEV) market in China becomes more fierce. According to local reports, China’s NEV sales increased by 26.2% year-over-year to 1.69 million units in Q1 2023. The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers calculated that NEV sales accounted for 26.1% of total vehicles sales in the country. Currently, BYD is holds the most market share in China’s NEV market, selling pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. 

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Toyota BZ3 powered by BYD launches in China, receives 5,000 orders on first day
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