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Ford teases its newest electric SUV offering

Credit: Ford Australia, Twitter

Ford has teased its next electric vehicle offering, but sadly, it likely won’t be coming to the United States.

The Ford Puma is one of the most popular vehicles the Blue Oval produces, yet outside of the markets that it is sold in, it is essentially unknown. Even in Ford’s home market, the United States, the Puma has yet to make an appearance. Hence many were surprised today when Ford CEO Jim Farley revealed that an electric Ford Puma would be the automaker’s next EV offering, first coming to Australia in 2024.

Ford announced the electric Ford Puma on Twitter this morning through its Ford Australia Twitter account. Subsequently, the company’s global CEO, Jim Farley, responded to the tweet, highlighting more details.

Very little is known about the upcoming Puma. Still, it would fit within a desperately needed segment of Ford’s lineup in Australia and potentially in Europe and Asia, other markets where the Puma is sold. The Puma is a smaller crossover SUV, slightly larger than the Ecosport sold in North America, and it is typically priced just below the slightly larger Escape SUV. The electric Ford Puma could be the company’s first affordable EV, though we will have to wait to see how Ford prices its newest offering.

For reference, the current (gas-powered) Puma is pictured below.

Ford’s choice to deploy the Puma EV in Australia as its next EV offering is slightly strange, especially considering its current lineup. Ford recently brought the gas-powered F-150 to the Australian market, which has already garnered an incredible amount of demand in its own right, making it only most curious why the brand decided not to bring the F-150 Lightning down under as well.

Looking at other markets, the electric Ford Puma could easily make its way to the European or Asian market where the nameplate is already sold, but many are doubtful the new electric offering will come to North America. Nonetheless, Ford has made it clear there are plenty of other new electric offerings that each market can look forward to, including another full-size electric pickup, which is expected to be just around the corner.

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Ford teases its newest electric SUV offering
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